What is Heroic Games Launcher?

Heroic Games Launcher is an open source game launcher for Linux. It allows you to download and play games from the Epic Games Store and the GOG Galaxy client through a user-friendly interface.


The recommended way to install Heroic Games Launcher is through Flatpak, but it is also available as an AppImage.


If you chose to install Flatpak during First Setup, you could install applications directly from GNOME Software, as explained here.

You can also install the Heroic Games Launcher Flatpak from the terminal using the following command:

flatpak install flathub com.heroicgameslauncher.hgl


You can download the latest AppImage from the official website.

If you chose to install AppImage during First Setup, you will be able to run the AppImage just by double-clicking on it. If you didn’t, you could install the required dependencies using an ABRoot transaction using the following command:

sudo abroot exec apt install -y fuse3 libfuse2 appimagelauncher

Then reboot your system. You can now run the AppImage by setting it as executable from Properties and double-clicking on it. Alternatively, you can make it executable using the following command:

chmod +x Heroic-*.AppImage


In this section, we will show you how to fix some common issues you may encounter when using Heroic Games Launcher.

Poor performance

If you are experiencing poor performance, ensure that you have the latest graphics drivers installed. To do so, refer to the Install additional drivers in Vanilla OS page.

Also, check the game’s system requirements and ensure that your system meets them.

Epic Games Store Login doesn’t work

If you are unable to login to the Epic Games Store, you can try to log in using the alternative login method.

Other issues

If you are experiencing other issues, you can refer to the official troubleshooting page or open an issue on GitHub.